Super Bowl Gambling Pick


Today is the day. Super Bowl Sunday! The Patriots and The Seahawks will battle it out for the Lombardi. I think I speak for everyone when I say that today should be a national holiday and everyone should have Monday off. Make that happen Obama.

It all comes down to this. Probably the two best teams in the league. That’s something that hasn’t happened in awhile. Tom Brady and the Patriots (-1) look to win their fourth Super Bowl and the Seahawks (+1) try to go back to back in basically a pick em. So let’s do it.

The Patriots defense hasn’t been this good in years, probably not since they last won over ten years ago. Tom Brady is Tom Brady, he is still just as good and accurate as he ever was, and with a healthy Gronk, the Pats are a great team no doubt about it.

The Seahawks defense is downright good! They rank at the top of the NFL in almost all defensive rankings. Unfortunately, for the Seahawks their offense doesn’t have the same fire power as they did last year, but they still have the Beast Marshawn Lynch, a great offensive line, and yes the playmaking Russell Wilson at QB.

I see this game being close and low scoring for most of the game. The Seahawks will need to get turnovers and stops in the red zone and hold the Pats to field goals if they want to keep it close and pull the upset. I just don’t see Russell Wilson and Lynch making enough plays to pull it out. The Pats are much more balanced on both sides of the football and pull it out in the end. Pats Win.

Pick – Patriots -1
Confidence – on the fence

As always I suggest fading me. I’ve been off lately.

PS. This is the best Newspaper cover I may have ever seen. Who won that battle again? Oh that’s right, Eli Manning did. Yes I’m a Giants fan.